OIBA  Technology S.N.C.
is a dynamic newly established company founded with the purpose of marketing high-tech information technology foreign brands so far little known on the Italian market.
This agency consists of Paola Oraboni and Graziella Brega, two professionals on the IT market for over 20 years, which over the past 5 years has managed the branch office to Techsolo Italian, Dutch brand of components (case and computer power supplies) and accessories PC and notebook (mice, keyboards, webcams, storage case for HDD ... etc.). Previous experience in marketing and sales for such brands as MATROX, Hercules, Thrustmaster have contributed to the technical and commercial partners and the two have fostered a deep knowledge of IT market and the main actors in this sector (distributors, retail distribution, editorial and
The acquired skills are put to use in this agency to ensure professionalism and concrete in the promotion of brand management.
OIBA Technology works closely with clients and works closely with various internationally renowned companies, each specializing in their field.
The selection offers a high degree of reliability and professionalism that can guarantee the best service with the flexibility of small business and high technology manufacturers warranty provided with the latest technology.
The primary objective of OIBA Technology is the satisfaction of its partners, implemented through the continuous monitoring of the quality of its products, the continuous search for innovative solutions and improving the efficiency of their services.

OIBA Technology is responsible for developing marketing and sales in the Italian market for the following brands: 


graphics and mother board NVIDIA chip


PC notebook, tablet and smarthphone  accessories

Tablet and Smartphone



OIBA Technology S.n.c. Via Sardegna,30 20146 Milano 
P.IVA e  Codice Fiscale: 07145750969   Numero REA: MI-1939024
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